Hi, my name is Sjoerd Burger and I am a graphic designer, illustrator and a game designer/developer. I live in a small town in the east of the Netherlands. Raised with a passion for drawing and videogames, I have continuously developed myself to express my creativity.

As a graphic designer I have already got some experience in the graphic industry. In the last year of my education 'Game Design & Development' I also teached the profession 'graphic design' to a few first year students.
As a game designer/ developer I have large set of skills: Game design, 2D art, 3D art, rigging, motion capture, animation and a little bit of programming. While I was an intern at a game company, I have been given the title 'art director'. I got the honour to lead the team of students through the whole game development process.
Currently, I am still active at a small startup company, called Revresh. Revresh is known for making unique virtual reality experiences and is mostly famous for it's Para Parachute simulator.

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