FIGHTING GAME | The Rise and Fall

The Rise and Fall is a 3D fighting game made in Unity. The game is my graduation project for the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht (Game Design & Development).

It was always a dream to create my very own fighting game and in the past few years I was determined to accomplish this. Started at the bottom with no game development knowledge and skills I eventually managed to create a playable prototype. The idea here is that the development will continue and that I will add some new content in the future. You could see it as a life's work. The game also functions as a showcasing platform for my new 3d characters.

Besides this, I wrote a small paper about how to create your own 3D fighting game in Unity. It is quite a difficult task and there isn't a lot of specific information available. There is also a link to a certain document, where I describe the 'world building/ storytelling' of the game.

Research, game design, game development:
2D & 3D Artist, rigger, animator (+ motion capture), programmer (a little bit) and sound designer.

Programming support:
Kevin Derksen
Music composition support:

> Link | World Building - The Rise and Fall
> Link | Paper - Hoe ontwerp en bouw je, als game designer/developer, een ‘basic 3d fighting game’ in Unity?