VR PROJECT | Para Parachute

Para Parachute is a virtual reality parachute simulator combined with an interactive frame.

The vision of Para Parachute is to create an unique VR experience that also would stimulate the physical senses. The simulator offers an easy and safe platform for a wide range of end users (young, old, disabled and even for people who are afraid of heights).
Para Parachute started as an ambitious schoolproject, which went totally out of control. We have visited lots of events, for example First Look, Maker Faires, Gamescom and Computex. We even won the Bright VR Talent Award in 2016.

Project manager (head of the software development team), 3D artist (character & level design), rigger, animator and sound designer.

Development team:
Eward Hage, Kevin Derksen, Sjoerd Burger, Steven Yap, Jack Hadjicosti, George Kokkinos en Sander Brand.